• The size of the organization also attracted me - it is big enough to have some muscles but small enough for you to be able to know everyone by their first name.

    Johanna Blom

    Chief People Officer

  • I love to produce products that makes everyday life easier for so many people. Working with cutting edge technology together with a heavy focus on customer experience makes my work challenging and fun!

    Niloofar Mazhari

    Software Engineer

  • At Qliro you get to work in an awesome company with a great mix of "small fintech" and "power player" in our industry. We have a lot of room for growth, you will have the opportunity to be part of the expansion with new products created internally and through partnerships with other innovative companies.

    Mohsen Nadjafi

    Product Manager

  • Qliro is taking a giant leap from a start up to a scale up. The fact that the cultural shift is at the core of our strategy makes my role at Qliro even more enjoyable and everything but boring. If you want to be part of shaping the new payments and digital banking landscape and want to do that in an techy environment surrounded by friendly, and engaged colleagues - Qliro is the right place for you!

    Johanna Blom

    Chief People Officer

  • I feel that Qliro empowers everyone, all the time. There are plenty of career paths and opportunities to grow. I have the priviliege to work with extraordinary people within and outside the team, collaborating with each other to achieve impressive transformations and deliver quality. I love the openness, kindness and creativity of the organization as a whole.

    Michel-Bastien Boudrias

    Team Lead

  • The culture at Qliro is great! We’re having a lot of fun and are constantly challenging and encouraging each other to be the best version of ourselves. I want to work for a company where user experience is important. That’s why Qliro is a match!

    Fanny Malmborg

    UX Writer

  • At Qliro I have the opportunity to work close with both leaders and employees and also be part of generating a culture with high engagement, high accountability and generosity. I get to facilitate the growth of our leaders in our leadership training and I also get to give all our employees the opportunity to grow as humans and as employees.

    Helena Eriksson Grönbek

    Head of Empowerment


  • Always WOW

  • Best place to work

  • A learning organization

Qliro is a digital payment provider making online payment safe and simple. For both customers and merchants.

Qliro was founded in 2014 and have since then focused on online payments. Since 2020 we are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm.

Founded in 2014
Coworkers 250+
Turnover 350 million SEK